Pack Attack FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pack Attack?

The Pack Attack serves as the fundraising arm of the IU East Athletic Department, leading fundraising efforts for annual scholarship support and essential funding necessary to build and maintain a first-class athletics program for the IU East Red Wolves.

Why is the Pack Attack important?

IU East has more than 75 student-athletes in eight sports representing the university academically and in athletics. The Pack Attack is critical to IU East's ability to recruit and retain top-notch student athletes.

Who can join the Pack Attack?

Anyone interested in supporting student-athletes at IU East many join the Pack Attack. While many Pack Attack donors are alumni, you don't need to be an IU East graduate to show your support. We welcome all Red Wolves fans!

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, Indiana residents can earn a 50 percent state tax credit on a gift to the Pack Attack. Gifts up to $200 for single filiers and $400 for joint filers are eligible for the tax credit. Use the Indiana College Credit tax for (CC40) to take advantage of this tax credit.